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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Charming Girls July / August Goals

I started making a new quilt for my bed in June.  So far, it’s going pretty good.  My quilt will alternate two different blocks and I have started sewing the first set of blocks.  Here’s a picture of a portion of the quilt design drawing that I made in order to see what the finished quilt would look like when it’s done.
The fabric is ‘Martinique’ by 3 Sisters for Moda.  My goal for July / August is to get all of the blocks made and ready to be sewn together into rows.  This is a king size quilt, so I have A LOT of sewing to do before it is done!


Michelle said...

What a pretty pattern & BEAUTIFUL fabric!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

It's going to be so pretty! I know you can do it!

Linda said...

Oh this is going to be so pretty. Such a nice design and Martinque is very pretty fabric. And a good goal for the two months. Do you think you will finish it in that much time?

annieb said...

I am also working on a quilt made with Martinique- it is king size, but with big blocks....such a beautiful line of fabric. Can't wait to see yours.

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